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Team Fortress 2 to get an Uber Update

TF2 is an anomaly in the online gaming world. It came bundled with The Orange Box in 2007 and while other online shooters charge players money for additional maps and content, Valve have given owners of TF2 dozens of new maps, weapons and content at no additional cost. The game's last update gave support for replays and challenged gamers to put together the best machinima they could to win a Saxxy Award. 

Today Valve have announced details of the next update for their online shooter/hat simulator. The Uber Update is coming to Steam this Thursday and Valve have already revealed that the Spy and Heavy classes will be getting a slew of new weapons and items.

The Heavy will gain access to the Tomislav (A minigun with a faster and quieter wind up speed), The Family Buisiness (A new shotgun) and The Eviction Notice (A pair of deadly knuckledusters) while the Spy will gain The Enforcer (A new revolver), The Big Earner (A new knife) and The Made Man (A flower for the Spy to decorate his dead foes grave with).

The update will also come with a new Payload map called Barnblitz and the long awaited 'Meet The Medic' video. Valve have hinted that there is still more to be announced about what exactly the Uber Update will bring to the game later this week.


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