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Teaser Time – Infinite Vacation

In 2010 one comic book company mastered "hype" when marketing their books and that company was Image Comics. Books that no one would have thought twice about not only sold out, but went back for a second printing. The list includes the first four issues of Morning Glories, the first three issues of Skullkickers and the first two issues of 27. The most surprising being the last on the list, "27" because it really seemed like it had the least going for it. Yet here we are with a second print of the second issue on the way. Why is this all relevant? Here we are with another teaser from Morning Glories scribe Nick Spenser for his next Image/Shadowline title Infinite Vacation. The tagline is the only thing we really know about which simply states, "Go anyway, Be anything." With Spenser's name attached I'm sure that the hype machine is hard at work making sure that this next title becomes a sold out success as well.
Infinite Vaction Teaser 


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