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Teen Titans gets Cancelled

Teen Titans was one of the 52 titles that originally launched the New 52. DC announced that Teen Titans would be cancelled in April with issue 30, shortly after ending with an Annual. Scott Lobdell has been on the series from the beginning. When the series was announced to be cancelled he said to Comic Vine, “I’m thrilled the DC is letting me wrap up the story on a high note as the Teen Titans square off against the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in a final battle — bringing to conclusion the conflict that began in the first issue! I’m certainly going to miss writing the adventures of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bunker and the rest of the gang. But as a huge, life long fan of the title I’m very excited about the whispered rumors I’m hearing race back and forth between New York and Burbank. (Trust me when I say we haven’t seen the last of everyone’s favorite teen team adventurers.)”   TeenTitans1   Personally, I think we will get a reboot of this series very soon. It would be a smart move from DC is they called it Young Justice because of the cartoon's fan base. Maybe add some of that rooster also. Does this mean that we will be getting another Teen Titans series, a reboot? Maybe a Young Justice comic book series? Tell us your thoughts about the Teen Titans cancellation in the comments below.  


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