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Teen Titans Live-Action Series Passed On By TNT

"Teen Titans no."
Titans, the Teen Titans adaptation that was first announced in September 2014, has been passed on by TNT (via Deadline). “We just decided it wasn’t quite where we wanted to go,” Kevin Reilly, President of TNT said at the announcement of the news, with Deadline adding that “the network is now moving into darker territory with edgier fare.” [caption id="attachment_78915" align="aligncenter" width="600"](Image via Emory Wheel.) (Image via Emory Wheel.)[/caption] The series would have followed Dick Grayson as he stepped out of his role as Batman’s sidekick Robin and became Nightwing, the leader of a team of superheroes including Starfire, Raven, Hawk, Dove (Dawn Grainger), and Barbara Gordon. Marc Haimes would have been a co-executive producer on the project, with Akiva Goldsman acting as executive producer. As Supergirl found a home at CBS after being passed on by the CW, there’s always room for Titans to find life at another network. But if the project is well and truly dead, it might work favor of other DC properties currently on air. Miss Martian might have made more sense to appear on Titans than Supergirl given the former’s younger cast of characters and Miss Martian’s team affiliation, so this decision might free up some characters to play off Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, and Kara Danvers in interesting ways. Personally, though, as a fan of both Teen Titans and Young Justice (and not at all a fan of Teen Titans Go!), this is a bit of a downer. Featured image via teentitansgo.wikia.com.


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