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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Brings Insanity to the Wii U

The new trailer for the Wii U edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that was released recently revealed more exclusive features that Wii U buyers will get with their copy of the game. Now with spin-off or non-canon games, one can expect the developers to add some off-the-wall elements to a series, but this Wii U version takes that idea to the next level. From colorful and crazy Nintendo themed costumes to a few choatic and zany game modes (including one old favorite), this latest entry of the Tekken series offers plenty of fan service to both fans of Tekken and Nintendo alike in a style that is delightfully kooky and looks to be a lot of fun.

The series has always been pretty colorful and vibrant in its characters and settings, but the Wii U version definitely is looking to push this to a new level. Like the previous installment in the series, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 focuses on two on two tag-team style battles rather than just the normal one-on-one battles of the main series. It is fairly straight foward combat with a focus on building combos, and this game even adds a "Tag Assault" mechanic where both members of a team pull off an elaborate combo attack against an opponent simultaneously. Sound simple? Well when you have a giant panda dressed up as Luigi fighting an angelic Princess Zelda, straightforward and simple seem to get tossed out the window.

Yup, the Wii U will allow the fighters to dress in the classic costumes of pretty much the entire roster of the core Nintendo characters, from Captain Falcon, to pretty much every main person in the Mario universe, to even Fox McCloud and Link. You will have a bear dressed up in Mario overalls with the big bulbous Mario nosed, teamed up with a robotic Samurai Link, fighting against a burly muscular Toad who is teamed up with a frighteningly provocative speedo wearing sumo Bowser. If it sounds kind of crazy now, wait till you see it in action. The fighting becomes colorful, rather zany, and plenty chaotic. The aforementioned "Tag Assaults" as well, become almost hilarious to watch; my personal favorite from the new trailer was watching a Princess Peach panda roll an incredibly burly Jack/Mario on his feet, while Xiaoyu dreesed like Princess Peach log runs on top of Jack/Mario simultaneously. It looks like a ton of fun just watching it in a trailer, which you can see below.

Aside from the Nintendo costumes, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition features a few exclusive game modes as well, including one which is a classic Tekken mini-game which hasn't been seen since Tekken 3: the volleyball deathmatch game, Tekken Ball. In this game, the goal is to knock a gigantic volley ball back and forth, either trying to land it on the ground on the opponent's side of the line, or just brain their opponent to death with the ball itself. Of course, keeping in the tradition of craziness, your characters can wear skimpy beach clothing while playing, as you can even see Jin and Heihachi bearing all in a speedo to play some Tekken Ball. 

The other Wii U exclusive mini-game is called Mushroom Battle, which was seen in previous trailers. This allows fighters to gather the varied Mario universe mushrooms in order to grow or shrink in size during a battle. It sounds pretty straightforward, but your fighters can actually grow to half the size of the screen, while your opponent can shrink so small that he will only come up to your knee when you are normal sized! It looks to be more of a gimmicky style mini-game, but it does look to be a certain amount of chaotic fun.

In the end, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition looks to be a beautiful, fast paced, and delightfully odd fighting game, marrying the tight-knit fighting of Tekken with the vibrant style of Nintendo. As well, it certainly takes several nice long nods to the long history of both franchises with the inclusion of such wonderful extras and bonus content. Who wouldn't want to see Panda Mario fight speedo sumo Bowser? It definitely looks like fans of both Nintendo and great fighting games will finally have a game to look forward to when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition is released on November 18th, conciding with the console's launch.


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