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“Tell Me About The Rabbits, Grom” – Of Orcs and Men Announced

It's no fun having green skin in the white man's world.  In Of Orcs and Men you'll play as an Orc soldier in the elite Bloodjaw legion, defending your fellow monsters from the cruel persecution of those filthy humans and their oppressive Empire of Men.  It's up to you and your goblin sidekick to defend the Orcan homelands against the humans, by using the combination of Orcish might, and Goblin stealth. 

While online role-playing games like WoW frequently give players a chance to see life from the Orcs' point of view, offline games rarely offer the opportunity to play as the traditional bad guys of the fantasy worlds.  Even better, at this point, the game seems to be taking a serious and grim tone, with the green-skinned people facing a ruthless genocide, rather than having a tongue-in-cheek "It's good to be bad" sort of story.

It's still a long way off, set for Spring 2012, and few detail shave been handed out.  However we do know that the game will be a combination of action and RPG; each of the two main characters having a unique set of abilities that can be leveled up through a skill tree, with the Orc serving as the Tank, and the Goblin handling assassination and roguish activities.

It is published by Focus Home Interactive who did the Runaway series of adventure games, and it's being developed by Cyanide Studio who brought us the computer version of the table-top Blood Bowl games (Also about Orcs).  It will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year.


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