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Telltale Cranks Up The Action In Jurassic Park

The latest trailer for Telltale's upcoming adventure game based on Jurassic Park shows this indie developer is turning away from the slow pace and light tone of their previous games by focusing on action and giant lizards that want to eat you.

This won't be a cartoony comedy game along the lines of Sam & Max, and it marks time that Telltale has made player death an option for the game.  That's right, if you make a mistake in this one, you won't get bored and have to wait for one of the NPCs to give you hint. Instead you'll get devoured alive by velociraptors and have to wait for the sweet oblivion of death.

The game is influenced by the first film in the movie series, and the events occur on the island at about the same time; however the game features an original cast of characters.  The most popular dinos are back, including the obligatory T-Rex (Ya gotta have a T-Rex), but there be some new dinosaurs, like the glowy-eyed predator seen in the latest trailer.

Jurassic Park: The Game comes out on November 15th in a downloadable episodic format for PC, Xbox and PSN.  See the new trailer below and find out more about the game on its page at the Telltale website.


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