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Telltale Shows Off Their 2011 Lineup

Earlier this year Telltale Games announced the staggering number of games that they would be bringing out to gamers this year including Puzzle Agent 2, Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead. At this year’s E3 they showed off and gave details about all three of these games and from the way that Telltale described it, the three of them could not be more different.

Puzzle Agent 2 is the most traditional adventure that Telltale is working on and it continues the story of FBI agent Nelson Tethers. While the gameplay is definitely that of an adventure game, it's much more akin to games like Professor Layton than adventure games like Telltale’s recent Back to the Future series. I never played the original Puzzle Agent but from the looks of it, Telltale is bringing back all the elements that fans of the original enjoyed. They are also adding more replay value to the game by giving it two endings. Puzzle Agent 2 will be out on June 30th for PC, Mac, iOS, XBLA and PSN.

Telltale also showed off the upcoming Jurassic Park episodic video game. Jurassic is a big departure of Telltale’s usual style of adventure games and actually has a bit more in common with something like Heavy Rain. The game picks up somewhere after the first film and tells an all new story that perfectly hits the tone and theme of the Jurassic Park films.

While Telltale usually sticks to point-and-click adventures, the Jurassic Park adventure games will feature a lot more action-orientated gameplay and, for better or worse, will feature a lot of scripted and situational quick-time events. Much like the aforementioned Heavy Rain, your choices and whether you succeed in the game’s quick-time events will impact the story in some pretty drastic ways, and while missing a quick-time event might not kill you, it could kill some of your companions in the game. The first episode is due out in fall of 2011 on PC, Mac, iOS, XBLA and PSN.

Telltale sadly didn’t show any gameplay of the anticipated The Walking Dead episodic video game but they did talk about and gave more details on how the game is likely to turn out. According to Telltale, the game will be much closer to what they are doing with the Jurassic Park games and be more action-orientated. They also revealed that the game will not have you following the protagonist of the comics and that you will instead be playing as a new character called Lee Everett. Despite this, Telltale is saying that the events in the game will cross over with storylines from the comic and players will get to meet various characters from the comic. While the game has no solid release window or details, it's expected to be released this winter on PC, Mac, iOS, XBLA and PSN.


I’m a big fan of Telltale's previous games and it seems like E3 was the perfect place for them to showcase the new style of adventure gameplay for some of their newer games as well as the continuation of the Puzzle Agent series.


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