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Terra Nova May Have Extended First Season!

Terra Nova's executive producer Brannon Braga has claimed that the show's first season may be extended beyond its initial run. The sci-fi drama is expected to run for 13 episodes, but Braga told Blastr that additional episodes are a possibility if the series proves successful once it begins to air on Fox this fall.

"If they tell us they want nine more, it'll be incredible," he said. "We're up to the challenge, [though] I might have a nervous breakdown!" Braga explained that Terra Nova is a "massive production" with "a lot of special needs". "No other show in history has really had [this] scope and [these] visuals and the kind of visual effects we're doing," he said. "We've managed to pull it off. We're nearly done, certainly, writing the first season, and we're about over halfway done filming."

He added that the possibility of a nine-episode pick-up (or any extension of the season) is in the hands of the executives at Fox. "Those decisions are made by people far above," he said. "I'm just in the trenches over here. I have no idea. We're designing it like the first season will be 13, but one never knows."

Terra Nova begins on September 26th on Fox


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