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TGS 2014: New Trailer & Gameplay Demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

"Coming out of Tokyo Game Show 2014 we've got a short new cinematic and a substantial gameplay demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain"
It is Tokyo Game Show time folks which means all sorts of cool new details about big new upcoming games. One series that's always been a big focus at TGS is Metal Gear Solid, and this year is no different. We've got two new trailers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain so lets dive right on into them.
The first trailer is a (relatively for MGS) short cinematic focusing on the character known as "Quiet". So far all we've been told about her is that she's a talented sniper as well as some cryptic comments from Kojima about her having a supposed tragic backstory of some kind. What with it's brief length and lack of English subtitles we don't learn a whole lot more about her from this trailer. We see her showing up at Big Boss' base and inciting conflict between him, Ocelot and Miller about whether or not they should trust her. She also apparently has the ability to turn invisible (useful for a sniper, that) and at certain points these inky looking black marks show up around her eyes. What they're about I have no idea. They might have something to do with enhancing her eyesight which, again, would be useful for a sniper. But I'm just guessing at this point.

Here's an English translation pulled from the Youtube comments for the video, I have no idea whether it's accurate or not but it seems to fit the contents of the video nicely enough to convince me:
"Ocelot: Use the thermal goggles. Restrain her! Miller: Just shoot her. Ocelot: Miller! This girl helped out the boss. Miller: She was only helping herself. I said, shoot! Boss: Put her in the isolation cell. Miller: Boss!? Boss: Don't take your eyes off her. Ocelot: All right. Take her away... What's the matter? Ocelot: Hurry up! Miller: Boss. Miller: You're making a mistake, letting her live. Miller: That girl... Boss: I know, she knows where our headquarters is. In any case, she'll be dealt with soon enough. But not yet, not right now. When it's time... I'll kill her myself."
This next trailer though is anything but short. What we've gotten here is a meaty 20-minute gameplay demo filled with all sorts of juicy stuff for the curious MGS fan. Again, the commentary is in Japanese so we're missing out on a few of the finer details but most of it is self evident anyway. This demo is so substantial that I'm just going to through and highlight a few points (along with timestamps for what I'm talking about) that I think are worth paying attention to for one reason or another. That said though I would encourage you to watch the whole thing through if you're a fan of the series. It is a rather impressive demo that's for sure.

1:40: Big Boss... fulton airlifts out a horse? From what we've seen so far of this game I wouldn't be surprised if you can airlift literally anything that isn't nailed to the floor.
2:40: Rock climbing! This is big! Climbing in previous MGS games has been limited to just getting up small ledges and whatnot but now that you can climb up sheer vertical walls this potentially adds a whole new dimension of choice to how you play through missions. Very excited about this addition indeed.
4:50: Boss scans the environment revealing all sorts of points of interest. Reminds me of a similar ability in The Witcher 2 and inFamous games.
5:48: Boss throws out a big silly looking inflatable decoy of himself to distract the enemies. Love the sense of humor in this series.
7:10: Quiet parachutes into the mission. No idea if this is something the player can request or if it just happens depending on your mission/where you are in the story. From there the player can command her to go to various points on the map from which she'll cover Big Boss.
9:45: Variable weather yo! Getting all rainy.
11:10: They've shown this before but I'm pointing it out here again cause I love it. You can fast forward time in the game (similar to the Elder Scrolls series' 'wait' system) by having Big Boss pull out a "Phantom Cigar" and just smoke it for a few hours. Great stuff.
12:35: Boss uses an inflatable decoy to knock a guard off a cliff. Very silly and probably a waste of a good decoy but I think this kind of thing is a good indicator of how creative and freeform you'll be able to get with the gameplay in Phantom Pain.
13:05: Boss just cold stuns a guard with his robot arm. I wonder what other abilities his robot arm will have.
13:35: You'll be able to mark guards for Quiet to execute at your command. Pretty cool how she doesn't shoot until Boss shoots the other guard. Reminds me of Army of Two.
18:15: Soooo maybe I'm misinterpreting what happens here but... I think at this point in the video Big Boss throws a grenade into the air and commands Quiet to shoot the grenade into the helicopter. If that's actually what happens then oh my lord are we in for a wild ride for this game.
Anyway, aside from some creepy lecherous shots of Quiet that was a really enjoyable (and informative) demo. With every new lengthy bit of gameplay we get of MGSV I just get more and more excited for it. The thing that defines my favorite games in the series (in addition to the story) is a satisfying sense of being able to approach a given combat situation in a free-flowing creative way. The Phantom Pain seems to be emphasizing this aspect more than ever with an insane amount of options available to the player.
So how did you feel about these two trailers? Are you excited for the possibilities The Phantom Pain is presenting? Be sure to let us know down in the comments.    


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