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The Art of Dan Hipp

A lot of artists tend to but out a decent amount of sketches and colored images, but from exploring Dan Hipps site I'd say he's constantly drawing something. Oh the dream of drawing all day. At any rate I came across Dan's site and found a good mix of funny and serious art that he has on display. I've stuck to the comic themed drawings, but if you're interested in seeing more than explore his site. You won't be disappointed.

Mutant Menace
Batman Hipp
Doom Hipp
Batgirl Babs - Hipp
The Brotherhood Hipp
Deadpool Hipp
Batman - Hipp
Cheeky - Hipp
Harvey - Two Face - Hipp
Ock - Hipp
Robocop - HippBe sure to check out Dan's site for more awesomeness!


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