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The Art of Kenneth Rocafort

It should come as no surprise that Kenneth Rocafort is one of my favorite artist. I truly believe that he is one of the best artists in the world of comics and that he's completely over looked by most people. He's started doing some DC covers which I love and hate, because I don't want to see him become a cover artist for I have strong feelings on that as well. Rocafort has not one, but two websites dedicated to his art so I've collected a good chunk and have displayed them here in the hope that you will appreciate his work as much as I do. You can visit The Rocafort Files for more as well as Mitografia for more creator owned material he has.

Rocafort Art
Mouse Guard                                                 For Neil!

White Violin
Red Sonja
                                         That's right, even a pencil looks cool when he draws it!

Action Comics 902
Aphrodite ix
Animal                                         This is pure awesomeness!


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