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‘The Avengers’ Teaser Poster and Site Launch

What's a more exciting two-word phrase for "all you awesome people gather around"?

Avengers Assemble.

Marvel Studios, on the eve of Comic-Con 2011, has finally launched the official website for The Avengers along with this new and not-at-all-surprising teaser poster. The site allows you the option of downloading the poster and registering for updates.

Although the studio has no panel this year in preparation for a bigger splash at Disney's D23 Expo, the site launching right before Comic-Con seems to confirm rumors that the film will have a floor presence at the convention, which holds preview night tonight, which means that if it has a floor presence, we'll know all about it within a few hours. Hopefully more "Avengers" surprise await. If they do, we'll assemble them in news form for you. 



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