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The Best Browser-Based Game Ever Now Available

Not to use hyperbole, but the best browser-based game ever has just been released.  Have you ever been so infuriated by something you saw on the internet that you wanted to kill the whole web page?  Well, now you can with Erik Rothoff's Asteroids bookmarklet.   It puts the tiny triangular spaceship from Asteroids on your browser page, and lets you blast way at the text and images of whatever page you're reading.  

The uses for this are as endless as the inane drivel of cyberspace.  Don't like your friend's status on Facebook?  You can just blow them up.  Seen one too many cute kitten pics on a blog?  DIE KITTEN DIE!  Tired of that "Tro lo lo song" guy video on Youtube?  You can vaporize him.  I suppose you could even kill an article on Player Affinity if you wanted.  But who would want to do that?
Unfortunately, it doesn't have any permanent effects on the web pages you'd like to wipe out.  You can just reload the page after you've killed it.  However, you should still be able to amuse yourself for the rest of your workday with this thing, and vent your frustrations about the upcoming election by obliterating www.gop.com or www.democrats.org



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