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The Best Video Game Romances of All Time

It's Valentine's Day, and if you don't have special someone in your life, you can at least experience some virtual romance by living vicariously through video game characters.  While most games focus on killing bad guys and gathering loot, a few take time to add in romantic subplots.  Whether it's rescuing a princess, or earning the love of your cute-yet-tough sidekick, here's my list of the best video game romances.

5.Gordan Freeman & Alyx Vance:  There is no relationship in all of gaming history that has produced more sexual tension than the one that resides silently between these two Half-Life 2 heroes. Alyx Vance, arguably gaming's most wonderful, vital female, cares deeply for silent world-saver Gordon Freeman, and you can see it in her brilliantly-rendered facial expressions each and every time she and Gordon must part. 

4.Cloud & Aerith-Final Fantasy VII:  One of the reasons that Final Fantasy VII has stuck with gamers for so long is that it was one of the first games to leave us wanting more. Aerith was killed partway through the game, meaning the lack of closure and unfulfilled potential annoyed us (and Cloud) something fierce. The whole rest of that game felt like a revenge mission to cease the life of Sephiroth, who did the deed. And that feeling of anger and pain still resides within many people when they think about Final Fantasy VII.

3. Wander & Mono-Shadow of the Colossus:  The relationship between Wander & Mono is one of the rarest, most unique romances in all of gaming history. With hardly any back-story, we see our hero, Wander, journey across mountains, lakes, and valleys to resurrect the catatonic Mono, a woman with no exposed ties to him. And with each monolithic Colossus that is killed on Wander's journey, we feel their reunion grow closer and closer to reality. Yet, we learn, this aggressive and brutal ritual does not yield what is expected.


2. Link and Zelda-The Legend of Zelda Series:  This unspoken romance has shaped one of gaming's greatest franchises.  Link and Zeld's love has inflated the epic-ness and added depth to each of Link's quests. And we have never had more fun, or tried more courageously, to save the girl (and the world).

1.Mario and Princess Peach-Super Mario Series:  Oh c’mon, we all knew this was coming! Of course Mario and Peach are amongst the greatest couples in video game history! After all, they're amongst the first romances to take place in the video gaming world. No, he isn't tall, dark, and handsome, but he will go through anything to save his lady, which in my books makes Mario one of the best male companions in video gaming history. Yet after all his hard work and effort in retrieving Princess Peach from danger, all he ever receives and innocent kiss on the nose.


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