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The Binding of Isaac Announced

Love it or hate it, last year's Super Meat Boy was extremely popular and the guys behind it all, Edmund McMillan and some of the Super Meat Boy development team have announced their next game The Binding Of IsaacWhile Super Meat Boy was similar to an old style technical platformer, The Binding Of Isaac is described by McMillen as “A roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of Zelda”. 

The game takes place in a RPG-Esque setting that’s filled with randomly generated items and special abilities. According to details given by McMillen, the game won’t use a traditional leveling system but will instead be based around items. Players will increase their character’s stats and skills by collecting different items. These items will visually improve your character, making them look more powerful and badass as the game goes on. 

The game looks to have a similar art style of Super Meat Boy. McMillan has confirmed on his blog that the game currently has six main dungeons, three chapters, six bosses, four unlockable characters and thirty-six enemy types. On release, McMillan hopes that they will have eight dungeons, over 10 bosses and over 40 enemy types.  
The game is currently set for an August release on Steam.


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