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The Bionic Woman #1 Review

I have never seen the television show the Six Million Dollar Man, but I wanted pick up this comic because it looked interesting. Even though I have never seen the show I knew some things about the Bionic Woman. I thought that would help me understand what was going on in the story.

The cover for this issue was one of the reasons I picked up this issue. I really liked the art for it and loved the blue in the background I thought it really worked for the cover. One thing I would of excluded from the cover was Jamie being right in the middle. I would have just had the background as the cover.

In this issue we learn about how Jamie became a Bionic Woman. We learn about her past and her relationship between the Bionic Man. We do not see this from Jamie’s point of view, but instead a conversation between two ex- employees of OSI.

I really enjoyed this issue. I thought it was a really good first issue. It explains Jamie’s past and we learn exactly how she became the Bionic Woman. If you never read Bionic Man or seen Six Million Dollar Man you will not be lost. This was a great start for the series.

There is a nice twist in this issue that surprise me that I think other people may enjoy also. One of the ex-employees is not who they say they are. Just remember that there is a reason that one of the ex-employees knows so much about Jamie.

One thing I would of really liked to see in this issue was Jamie’s origins in her point of view. We get to see a conversation about Jamie in this issue, but not her narration about her origins. I would of liked to see that more.

I thought this was a solid issue and I recommend you guys to pick this issue up. I know I will be picking the next issue up after reading this one, which every first issue of a comic book should do. 



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