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The Bounty Hunter Review

bountyhunterpicThe Bounty Hunter's ineptness is sprung from something other than overt awfulness. Certainly, its flaws can be easily extracted but most pitfalls are suffocated in such a thick smog of banality that is manages to rise to a different platform of unwatchability. At least some of the worst movies of all time are memorable in their own twisted way. This latest “romantic” “comedy” which comes out tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray, is the cinematic equivalent of a NyQuil and Lunesta slurry. Quickly growing rom-com star Gerard Butler and rom-com staple Jennifer Aniston's latest joins the likes of films such as Night at the Museum 2 and Land of the Lost that are just grinding torturous slogs; seemingly never-ending and without merit. I sought out this film for Gerard Butler who I find can be equally badass and hilarious. He is neither this time (although he does get the films few scattered chuckles) and more than eclipses Aniston who too can be quite endearing, but merely serves as eye candy, parading around in her tight black dress. Discussing the plot of a movie like this is like studying the recipe for Twinkies. Not only does nobody care but you could already have surmised it is stuffed full of a whole lot of crap. That brings me to the script which is the weakest of the weak in The Bounty Hunter. Director Andy Tenant has made some competent movies such as Hitch and Ever After so to have also helmed clunkers such as Fool's Gold and this film, we must turn to the screenwriters. Laughs and originality are left to putrefy and the plot is so wincingly predictable you could likely guess the entire story arc from the title alone. Surrounding Butler and Aniston are supporting characters that range from forgettable to utterly obnoxious and are as perfunctory as the events through which the players move. We are also subjected to scattered action sequences which do little other than extend the already overlong run time. Almost nothing works in this movie and had the leads been of a lower caliber this could have most certainly have descended into disaster territory. This review will remain short as I have no desire to reminisce and thankfully much of this perfunctory genre exercise has already exited by bowels. This genre has had its name dragged through the mud more than enough this past decade and if the pedigree of date night movies remains consistent with this, perhaps some day viewers will finally stand up and demand better.   Rating: 3/10 The Bounty Hunter  Directed by: Andy Tenant Written by: Sarah Thorp Starring: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Joel Garland


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