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The Bridge – Destino Review: You Never Know How the Story Ends

My final thought at the end of episode 7 of FX’s The Bridge can be summed up thusly: “what the F@#$ just happened?” (but in a good way). Am I pumped for next week’s episode? Absolutely, but I just need a moment to process the events of this week’s episode. I mean we might know the identity of the killer, we have to deal with Officer Stokes’s gory demise, Alma gets it on with her boss, Graciela and Ray strike up a deal, Linder is back and in some trouble with Fausto Galvan, Frye could be dead, and Det. Sonya Cross isn’t convinced they've even caught the true killer. And there are some other ominous underlying themes and some great action scenes.

The episode starts out with a bang, when Ray meets up with Graciela (wealthy Mexican woman) in the desert. Ray wants to use the tunnel both ways to transport weapons. Graciela agrees, but only after setting up an arrangement. If you watch the episode you'll know what I’m talking about: in order to use the tunnel Ray has to go down on her “tunnel.” When Graciela says, “do you have an opinion about oral sex?” as she unbuttons her blouse I just know this was going to be a great episode. This is also an example of Graciela representing the strong female. She puts herself in a position of power over Ray. She controls him. Unlike Graciela, we have Charlotte, who depends on Ray in a sense. She asks Ray if she can trust him, during sex. Ray is on top of her in an almost dominating position. This makes me dislike Charlotte’s character even more. I really hope there is a scene sometime where Charlotte has to grow a pair and actually do something on her own.

Speaking of sex, Alma (Det. Ruiz’s wife) meets up with her boss in a hotel room. The two shared a kiss in a previous episode. Clearly Alma is getting back at her husband. However I’m unsure if after this affair if she will take him back. In the episode Det. Ruiz does go back home, but Alma wants nothing to do with him. She also informs Ruiz that his son Gus is failing out of school. I would like to see more with Gus; hopefully this plotline will get played up more. Also wasn’t Alma pregnant? Is that ever going to be touched upon again?

Linder is back! (yes!!) And now he's possibly in some trouble with cartel boss Fausto Galvan. We find out that he has a partner who tells him which girls to bring over the border and she wants him to help out her daughter as well. We come to find out that the daughter, Sara, is dating Fausto. This can’t end well.

Moving on...we may or may not have found our killer. (My bet is on not.) Det. Cross’s efforts lead the police to believe that Jack Childress is the killer. They investigate his lair, which looks like everything a killer’s lair should be, and thus the chase begins, leading the detectives to a trailer park. The always eager Officer Stokes shows up on the scene with a can-do attitude and a fresh set of pearly whites (he just got his braces off). Unfortunately for Stokes his great day is about to take a tragic turn. Stokes walks up to Ruiz and tells him he may have a breakthrough about the killer, but before he can get the words out his head gets blown off.  It's a great scene. The shock on Ruiz’s face as he is covered in Stokes' blood is priceless. Personally I can’t believe they show all this gory violence; we even get to see Stoke’s lifeless body sans most of his head.

Now that the detectives realize The Killer (or a killer) is there, and not messing around, things really start to heat up, ultimately ending in a shootout between Childress and Sonya. They both pull the trigger at the same time, making for a stunning visual. Ultimately the detectives apprehend Childress and Det. Cross is left with an injury (nothing life-threatening, though).

Back at the station, Childress is handcuffed yet everyone seems dissatisfied. Det. Cross feels that this can’t be the end (and it better not be - we still have more episodes left). Then there is the chilling scene in which Det. Cross steps out of the shower and examines her wound. Whether it's the acting, the lighting, the camera work, the editing, or a combination of the four, this scene makes the show for me. We see Cross trying to cope with everything that has happened and  this brings the story back. Especially since this scene happens right after Frye collapses; it reinforces the ominous tone of the show and this episode in particular.


-- Best Det. Sonya Cross Quote:  “What’s wrong with the couch?” Cross asks this to Ruiz, who suggests he gets a hotel room. I like this quote because it happens before much of the action takes place and reminds us of Sonya’s quirkiness.

-- Bad Ass of the Episode: This one’s a toss up. Galvan puts out his cigarette out on his tailor’s head, which is pretty awesome and comes out of nowhere. Then there is Graciela, who makes Ray go down on her to exert her power. It’s a tough choice, but I’m going to have to give this one to Graciela.

-- This is one of my favorite episodes to watch because it's so full of action. I also want to note how great the editing is.

-- Is Alma still pregnant and will she take Ruiz back now that she has gotten even?

-- Linder has a new storyline, but how will it play into the central story?

-- Is Frye dead? I sure hope not

-- Do we find the actual killer? Probably not, otherwise where would the show go?



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