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The Bridge – ID Review: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Oh my, episode 6, “The Eyes Have It”, of season one of The Bridge features a star turn, as Diane Kruger's portrayal of Sonya Cross steals the show. There are also some compelling subplots involving the other characters that help move the show along, but Det. Cross’s storyline is the driving force behind the episode. Det. Cross tries to get information from an eyewitness, Gina, a troubled teen who shares a similar backstory with the detective. However, Cross has a hard time getting that information. Meanwhile Det. Ruiz must face the consequences of his actions. Adriana and Daniel investigate in Juarez and Charlotte introduces us to Ray.

The episode opens with Charlotte and her new boy toy, Ray, getting it on under the stars (how romantic).  Their story line, while minor, sets some wheels into motion. Charlotte shows Ray the tunnel in her basement, the one that leads to Mexico. While they are down there Galvan comes through with a dead body, the guy Linder killed last episode. (More on that in a minute). This obviously spooks Charlotte, so she arranges a meeting with Garcilla Rivera (the wealthy Mexican Lady). Charlotte wants Ray to handle all of the activity with the tunnel and she wants nothing to do with it. Yet again Charlotte is leaning on a man for support. Later on Ray makes some phone calls about some sort of drug operation, and we the audience are privy to the fact that the police were tracing the call. This subplot sets up some storylines that I’m excited to see explored further. I would love see more of Garcilla Rivera; her character entices me. We also learn a bit more about Charlotte’s character; namely, that she is a gold digger.

Anyways, back to Galvan. We see him dragging the dead body through the tunnel. The body then appears on his table. Later on, when Adriana and Daniel are investigating in Juarez, we see that same body nailed to a post with knifes thrown at it. No one has even tried to remove the body. Adriana explains that it is a warning to Daniel. The two decide they still want to investigate the story, finding out that Galvan’s brother’s body was in the death house with Christina Fuentes but was covered up by Det. Ruiz.  Another important note is that Daniel is trying to get sober (good for him). Looks like he is getting his act together. I kind of hope he slips up, though, makes for more compelling television. The pair has a hard time finding answers about what really happened. This seems to be a theme in the episode, as apparent with Det. Cross’s story line.

Cross desperately tries to get information about the killer from Gina, the teen who witnessed her father’s murder at the killer’s hands. Unfortunately. Gina is having a hard time remembering details from the horrific event.  We come to find out that Cross and Gina share a similar upbringing: absentee father, drug addicted mother, and witness to gruesome event. As hard as Det. Cross tries, she cannot connect with Gina, though, which means that she cannot get the answers that appear to be right in front of her. Unbeknownst to Det. Cross, Lt. Hank Wade reveals to Det. Ruiz that he shot the guy (causing brain damage) who raped and killed Det. Cross’s sister. Lt. Wade regrets it because Sonya can now never get answers as to why he killed her sister, just another example of the answers seeming so close but unattainable.

Towards the end of the episode, Lt. Wade and Det. Cross take Gina out for a burger. Gina ends up running away and gets shot, presumably by the killer. Cross is the first one to get to Gina, but Gina still dies. This hits close to home for Det. Cross and she completely loses it. Later, Cross visits Dobbs, the guy who killed her sister. The two sit in silence as Cross stares at the drooling Dobbs while he draws childlike pictures. We are finally gaining more insight into Det. Cross, and Kruger is playing the part wonderfully.

Moving on, there is Det. Ruiz’s story. After a conversation with his son, we learn that this isn’t the first time he has cheated (that bastard). Ruiz tries to make amends with his wife, but she isn’t having any of it. (Good for her, never take a cheater back). I hope she doesn’t take him back; we could use more strong women on television, and this decision also it makes Ruiz’s character more interesting. In a interesting turn of events, Ruiz does prove he has some sense of morality when he returns the ransom money to Galvan. As Galvan points out, no one will know that the money was returned, but Ruiz does it anyway. We also learn that Galvan and Ruiz go way back; apparently their fathers go way back. I would like to see more interaction between the two men. They both started in similar situations but took two completely different paths. I like the dichotomy that the two characters embody when they share the screen.


Best Det. Soyna Cross Quote: “She’s a bad eye witness.” Det. Cross says this after trying to get information about the killer from Gina. I like it because it demonstrates Cross’s inability to connect and have empathy towards Gina.

Bad Ass of the Episode: I’m going to have to give this one to Galvan. The man drags a dead body through a tunnel then uses it to make a point not to disobey him by nailing it to a post in plain sight. The knives thrown into the body are also a nice touch.

-- Overall I enjoy this episode, and I think it sets up some nice conflicts for the rest of the season.

-- Where is Steven Linder? What is he up to?

-- Remember Det. Cross’s one night stand? He is ever going to reappear?

-- I want to see more of Garcilla Rivera

-- We are pretty sure the killer is a cop or involved some how with the police.



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