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The Bridge – The Beetle Review: Oh! Darling

Holy moly, “The Beetle” is an action packed hour of television. Last week we learned all about Tate. This week we learn even more about him and have come to realize that while he is a bit “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” his reasons are sound. Ruiz also makes some leaps and bounds where his family is concerned. Linder comes clean to Eva and Charlotte also does something particularly interesting.

Speaking of Charlotte, let's start off with her. Last episode, Ray sold Garcilla some guns that were bugged and Garcilla was not at all pleased, so she decided to pay Charlotte a visit.  The entire encounter, between Charlotte, Caesar, Garcilla, and Garcilla's goon, happens in Charlotte’s horse stable. Here's how it all goes down: Garcilla tries to cut Charlotte’s face, Ceasar shoots Garilla’s goon, and then Charlotte kills Garcilla with a pitch fork. Finally, Charlotte does something cool and not annoying. This is just a shot in the dark but, metaphorically speaking, since Charlotte killed Garcilla (a strong woman), maybe her character can finally grow. Of course she had to get some help from Caesar to dispose of the body, but I’ll forgive her for that. Most people don’t know how to dispose of dead bodies. Now all I’m wondering is how is this storyline going to relate to the overall plot of the show.

Another storyline I’m waiting to get more connected to the central plot is Linder’s. He kills Hector (Eva’s boyfriend), so he is kind of involved with the Galvan story, but we didn’t see any of that this episode. Linder goes to the ranch to tell Eva (on whom he's totally crushing) that he killed Hector. Eva seems unfazed. Linder comforts her with a hug. Probably the most awkward scene of the entire episode, which is saying a lot when you're competing with a character like Det. Sonya Cross.  

Soyna does have her moments but “The Beetle” mainly focuses on Det. Ruiz and Tate. The episode opens with a graphic flashback of Tate, at the scene of an accident, learning that his wife and child are dead. We also come to learn that when Tate was with the FBI he was investigating the dead girls of Juarez, but the FBI did not care about the project despite Tate's passion for it. Poor Tate has been through a lot; this episode kind of humanizes him. We finally understand his reasons.

Det. Ruiz is thrown for a loop when he realizes that Tate has Alma and his two girls. This all boils down to a genuinely heartwarming conclusion when Ruiz rescues them. In his own way, Tate may have inadvertently saved Ruiz’s marriage.  There is one particularly symbolic scene where Alma and Ruiz are holding a grenade between them. If either one lets go - KABOOM! - Ruiz becomes the hero again in Alma’s eyes.

Another clever plot twist comes in the form of Gus and his friend Zena. Apparently Gus has been texting this girl for quite some time and has mentioned tidbits of info about the case. Low and behold, he's actually been texting Tate. Hmmm…..writers, isn’t that a bit convenient? Although it does bring about some good consequences. It really touches on how the poor communication between Ruiz and Gus and brings about Gus calling Det. Cross a M.I.L.F., which makes for some great television.

Gus feels horrible for what he has done, but his tough luck doesn’t stop there. When Sonya is taking Gus to a safe house to be with his family they're t-boned by Tate and their car flips over. Tate removes a semi-conscious Gus from the car and leaves a bloody but still alive Det. Cross. Poor Gus; who knows what terrible fate awaits him? However, I am glad to see Gus back in the action. This entire episode is a wake up call for Ruiz and hopefully he can see that.

Overall “The Beetle” is a thrilling episode to behold. For half of it, we aren't sure if Alma and the girls are going to make it. I wonder if the writers ever thought to kill them? That would really impact Det. Ruiz. Well, there is always next episode, right? As per her character, Sonya is emotionally unintelligent when Ruiz and Gus need her.


Best Det. Sonya Cross Quote:  “Is it hard to sleep next to the same person every night?” Oh, Sonya, such an inappropriate time to ask this.  Ruiz has just realized that Tate has Alma and needs some comfort.

Bad Ass of the Episode: I never thought I would even consider this but Charlotte is up for this honor. Although Caesar is pretty epic as well: killing Garcilla’s goon with out blinking an eye. I’ll give it to Charlotte though - she finally does something of value. We’ll just have to wait and see how long she can keep it up.

-- Where are Frye and Adriana this episode?

-- Will Ruiz get back together with Alma?

-- Poor Gus, what is going to happen to him?

-- How long are they going to drag this Tate thing out? Will they actually have some sort of resolution before the season ends?

-- Linder and Eva, are there sparks? Probably not, because that would make for a very awkward hookup.

-- Will there be retaliation for killing Garcilla?



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