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The Bridge – The Crazy Place Review: Where I End and You Begin

And that’s a wrap. Season one of The Bridge is over concluding with a season finale, “The Crazy Place,” that sets up some good and intriguing storylines for next season. Charlotte’s story line finally becomes relevant, Det. Cross and Det. Ruiz have a new case, and Frye and Adriana stumble come across a large amount of cartel money. Oh, and Adriana’s sister may or may not have gone missing. Nothing is really solved or wrapped up in this episode, since the whole Tate-thing was over two episodes ago, but overall I enjoy the episode and I’m excited for next season.

So Miss Charlotte’s storyline is finally tied in with the rest of the gang. She takes the deal with Galvan and things seem to be going well for her. She finally has a backbone and is turning into a character I actually respect. Ray and Caesar are working as her underlings. There is a great scene in which Ray slaps Charlotte’s ass and she says, “Show me some respect.” I think that is her character’s turning point. Not only is she telling it to Ray but also she is always telling it to the audience. Now things seem to be going just peachy for Charlotte until she encounters Arliss Frome, an FBI agent who seems to know a whole lot about her and informs her she needs to get dinner with Galvan. This is some great set up for next season!

Then we have Det. Cross and Det. Ruiz. By the end of the episode, Cross ropes Ruiz into working the missing girls of Juarez case with her. In “The Crazy Place,” they work together to rescue Eva. Ruiz is still battling some demons and certainty is not his old self. Alma has left him, taking the girls with her, and Gus is dead. Ruiz beats up a Mexican police officer, something the old Ruiz would never have done; subsequently that police officer is shot and killed because he let Eva live. We really see a change in Marco when he goes to Galvan and asks if he can arrange for Ruiz to kill Tate. Wow! Even more set up for next season. I’m digging this change in Ruiz, and I’m curious to see how it progresses through next season. Will he continue down this destructive path or can Det. Cross help him or even save him? 

While all of this is happening, Frye goes back to work with Adriana. (Sidebar: Frye is in a wheelchair; is he permanently injured or still recovering?) They are assigned a puff piece about an elderly lady. When they get to her house they discover her dead and a ton of money (how convenient): $40 million American dollars and 20 million Euros, another mystery I’m sure they are going to investigate in season two. If that wasn’t enough set up Adriana’s sister appears to have gone missing. She never gets off the bus.

Something this season finale did well was that all the storylines for next season seem to be tied together in some way. Charlotte has a deal with Galvan. Ruiz wants Galvan’s help so he can kill Tate, Ruiz and Cross are working on the missing girls of Juarez case, Adriana’s sister has just gone missing, and Adriana and Frye have this new money story to cover. But what about Linder and Eva? Will they be joining us next season? At the end of the episode Linder visits Eva at Hanks and watches her sleep. It’s a lot less creepy than it sounds.

As I said earlier I enjoy this week’s episode. As far as next season is concerned I’m excited and I have a feeling it will be pretty good. Lets be honest, for the most part we've all enjoyed watching The Bridge. Sure, it had its downfalls and the Tate thing went on a little too long, but this was the first season after all. The show was still finding itself, but no matter what, we were always entertained. That is something that The Bridge has done successfully since episode one. It created such a rich and dynamic world that we sometimes turned a blind eye to lacking plot lines. I can’t wait to see what trouble Det. Cross and Det. Ruiz find next season.


-Best Det. Sonya Cross Quote: “You don’t look so good.” She is always so straight to the point. She says this when checking on Marco. I really hope Det. Cross stays quirky in season two.

-Bad Ass of the Episode: I’ll give it to Charlotte again. Her whole “don’t grab my ass” line is priceless, especially when she brings up that Ceaser never does it.

-- Will Linder and Eva be in the next season?

-- Are Alma and the girls gone for good?

-- Will Ruiz go through with killing Tate?

-- How will all the storylines intertwine in season two?

-- What’s the deal with this FBI agent? Is he corrupt?



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