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The Bridge – Vendetta Review: Kill and Run

In th latest episode of FX’s The Bridge, "Vendetta," we learn the identity of our killer, a plot twist that is usually a big no-no so early in the show's run. Yet this narrative choice just drives the show forward even more and provides answers to a lot of unanswered questions. It also helps the audience understand how some of these characters are related, Frye and Det. Ruiz specifically.

The episode starts out with a flashback from six years ago. Frye is partying in Mexico with Santi, Jr., who we come to learn is a big deal in Juarez. This seems like irrelevant information that just over empathizes Frye’s partying past, but we come to learn that when Santi, Jr. left the strip club he hit and killed David Tate’s wife and child who were going to meet up with Det. Ruiz. Tate’s wife was cheating on him with Ruiz. 

The information above is dandy, yet it seems somewhat useless since Tate is allegedly dead. However, Det. Cross has a hunch that Tate is alive. Throughout the episode she tries to make her case and ultimately succeeds in proving that Tate faked his death.

Now here is the big twist: Tate has taken on a new identify and is Alma’s boss (you know, the one she screwed in the hotel room). I just love how this plot line is finally starting to make sense. We just know something bad is going to happen to Alma since she is Ruiz’s wife. It’s no coincidence that Tate has “feelings” for her. At the party, Alma tells Tate that she is pregnant. He seems oddly happy about that. I’m worried for Alma, I feel like her time may be drawing near. I do like Tate as the killer; he has a great back story. He also kills Santi Jr. in the bathroom and leaves his hand print. That’s pretty ballsy.

Moving on, another great part of the episode is that Det. Cross’s struggle with Asperger's is finally addressed. Someone calls her an idiot savant. There is also a scene between Det. Cross  and Gus (Ruiz’s son) in the police station where Cross is just plain awkward. She explains to Gus at she just doesn’t understand what people want then abruptly exits.

Then there is Linder, who has a sexual dream about Sara, the girl he was enlisted to help. It's pretty weird, especially since Linder is such an odd guy. Oh, and Galvan’s face keeps popping in. Personally, I find the dream sequence odd since we haven’t seen dreams used on the show as a plot device before now. I think it is a bit of a shortcut to show what a character is thinking. However I do love the scene in which Linder tells his boss he needs to take some time off.

Lastly, something interesting happens with Charlotte and Ray’s story line. Ray gives guns to Garcilla, but they have tracking devices in them. I can’t wait to see how Garcilla reacts to this.

Overall, I enjoy the episode and some of my complaints about last weeks episode are addressed.  Alma addresses her pregnancy and we see more of Gus. I also like 
the turn that the overall plot is taking.  Instead of centering on “Who is the killer?” for the duration of the season, they have thrown us a curve ball. I do have one complaint, though. We can assume that Tate has been working with Alma for a while. How has no one identified him? Ruiz and Tate used to be friendly. Did Alma never meet him? That just seems odd to me.


Best Det. Soyna Cross Quote: “I’m not good with people” This quote pretty much sums up her character. Also we have to admire Diane Kruger’s portrayal of Cross with all her quirks.

Bad Ass of the Episode: Tate, of course. We find out that he is our killer and responsible for all that we have seen. Also he slices open Santi Jr’s throat.

-- Charlotte and Ray may have hell to pay.

-- Will Tate kill Alma and her unborn child?

-- I would like to see more of Adriana; her character is very intriguing.

-- What is going on with Linder? I really hope he does something drastic in the next episode.



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