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The Call of Duty Elite Now On Android and iOS

The Call of Duty Elite app is now available on the Android market store, having been released onto iOS devices last week.  The app, which is free to all current paying subscribers to Elite, allows players to check their online ranking, review recent matches, customise their weapon loadouts and chat with friends.

Since launching in November, Elite has attracted more than 1 million users, despite initial complications in its first month. Non-paying users lost access to the site entirely between November and December, due to an overwhelming amount of traffic.

Free users can use the service to share videos, screen-caps and personal statistics, whereas Premium users, who pay a one-off charge of $49.99, have automatic access to Modern Warfare 3’s upcoming DLC packages, as well as the opportunity to enter competitions and prize draws. They also have access to Elite TV, a weekly webcast that hosts gameplay tips, special guests and live online matches every Friday. 

Beachhead Studios, the creators of Elite, have been forced to deflect recent criticism surrounding the late arrival of the iOS and Android apps, citing technical problems caused by the masses of traffic that closed the service in November.

Though Elite is now available on iPhone, iPad, Android, PS3 and Xbox 360, a long awaited PC version still has no confirmed release date. 


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