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The City That Sails With Will Smith

Originally planned a little over four years ago to reconnect Francis Lawrence, director of I Am Legend,  and megastar Will Smith, the project lost steam along the way. That is, until recently. 

Will Smith will still headline the film and director Shawn Levy, whose credits include The Pink Panther, Real Steel, and more recently The Internship, has stepped in to helm the project as Lawrence is now quite busy with the remainder of The Hunger Games films.

Before Levy gets to this project though, he'll have to get through Night at the Museum 3, which is set for release on Christmas Day next year.

Shawn Levy

Initially the screenplay had been written by The Truman Show and The Host scribe Andrew Niccol, however more recently, screenwriter Audrey Wells, of Disney's The Kid and The Game Plan fame, has turned in an updated draft.

The premise of this fantasy themed flick centers around a street magician in New York City, whose daughter is living in England. One day she discovers a room with magic candles and wishes to be closer to her father, which results in the island of Manhattan breaking away make a big trip across the ocean.

There has been no word on a release date as of yet.


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