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The Darkness #90 – Advanced Review

The Darkness #90 is the first part of a story arc called Outer Darkness.  The story is written by Phil Hester who is known for his Ant Man work at Marvel comics and the current writer of Wonder Woman at DC Comics. The issue explains in the first page the events that took place before the new story arc began.  It explains that Estacado’s has been fighting with a demon called Sovereign a demon who has been tormenting Estacado for some time. Estacado then builds a team of mercenaries to go across the world to destroy any trace of Sovereign and be finish with this foe. After destroying Sovereign, Estacado goes back to Chicago to find a new meaning to his life. 

The story is not action heavy in this first issue. Hester goes about in the issue to lay the groundwork for what will happen in the story arc.  He goes on to explain that Estacado is back in Chicago and that he is not sure of what to do next. Not only that, what Estacado does not know is that he is being targeted to be killed.  Who are the killers? As of now, the issue doesn’t really explain. Hester also gives an interesting explanation to the Darkness giving it a new layer to the character.  Apparently, The Darkness can from time to time be unhappy with its host for the actions that the host might take.  In its displeasure, the Darkness can kill the host of the Darkness and find a new host to do its bidding. Estacado is warned of this but he doesn’t really take a lot heed to the warning until danger comes his way.

Darkness 90 CoverDarkness #90 seems to be a little slow in the beginning, it gives you a lot of information to digest, and it is basically giving setup to what is to come in the next issues.  Hester does give a very interesting layer to the character and probably adding more background to what The Darkness is all about. Hester does leave some interesting question up the air in the issue as to what is going to happen next issue of this arc.  

As with most Top Cow comics the art of the book looks great, but what I really enjoyed most that the artist Sheldon Mitchell did in this book was his use of the colors and the setting of tone for who is talking in the book with the colors.  Whenever the Darkness is talking or is in the panels, the artist display dark colors to display the creepiness, death, and the ruthless of the character, and whenever Estacado is in the panels they use more bright and lively colors to describe Estacado.

Although this first issue may not very exciting to some comic book reader, as it is just setting up story, overall I would say that Darkness # 90 is good starting off point for anyone interested in starting to read The Darknes. It looks to be a very interesting arc that will give a new layer to one of Top Cow's best known characters.

Overall Score 8.4/10

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