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The Flash and Supergirl to Team Up for Musical Episodes

Now that Supergirl has moved to The CW, the prospect for additional cross-over episodes between the various DC shows on the network has only grown. At the annual Television Critics Association summer press tour presentation for the network, it was announced that while there will be several cross-over episodes this season, audiences can also look forward to cross-over musical episodes. Per the announcement, there will be two musical crossover episodes in the back half of the season featuring the casts of Supergirl and The Flash. Several stars of both shows have Broadway musicals on their resumes (including John Barrowman- who will now be appearing on all DC shows on The CW, Victor Garber, Jesse L. Martin, and Jeremy Jordan), while Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin previously starred on Glee. Winn Schott, Kara Zor-El, Cat Grant - Supergirl The episodes will be using “mostly pre-existing” songs, but they hope to have at least one original song for each episode, according to Variety. Besides the two musical episodes, there will also be an epic four-show crossover with SupergirlThe Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow set to air in November. The CW also teased that a mystery character will be exploring their sexuality and coming out this season on one of the four DC Comics shows, but no other hints were given. Many have speculated that it might be Jeremy Jordan's Supergirl character, Winn. Musical television episodes are sometimes terrible and sometimes awesome, hopefully this crossover will fall into that later category.


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