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The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Hits Xbox Live and PSN

You still have a little while to wait before you can get your hands on the full copy of The Force Unleashed 2, but the good folks over at Lucasarts decided to stoke the fire a little bit by dropping a playable demo of the game onto Xbox Live and PSN a few weeks early.

That's right, now you can experience the force like never before. Tighter controls and targeting, explosive environments in which to showcase ridiculously over the top Jedi abilities... What more could you ask for?

The Force Unleashed 2's demo features the very first level of the game. We are introduced to Starkiller 2.0 and find out that Vader has been trying to successfully clone the original Starkiller for a while now. When Force Push comes to shove (har!), the cloning facility on Kamino becomes Starkiller's newest stomping ground and there is little the Empire can do to stop him.

The demo does a fine job of showing off all of Starkiller's tricks both old and new. You will be shocking, pushing, slashing and mind-tricking waves of unfortunate Stormtroopers as you try to find a means of escape from Vader's wrath.

The Force Unleashed 2 is shaping up to be a solid improvement over the original but only time will tell. TFU2 is slated for release October 26th on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, DS, PSP and iPhone.

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