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The Game Feast Announced

Today Microsoft announced their new promotion, similar to “Summer of Arcade”, “The Game Feast” will feature four games, the games being:

  • Hydrophobia, September 29th, 1200 Points
  • Comic Jumper, October 6th, 1200 Points
  • Pinball FX 2, October 13th, Tables purchased individually, free import from original Pinball FX
  • Super Meat Boy, October 21st, Pricing TBD (1200 Points?)

In my eyes, this lineup is looking much better than the lineup for Summer of Arcade this year. I had no real huge complaints this year but Hydrophobia and Comic Jumper? Sold.  No interest in Pinball though from what I’ve heard, Super Meat Boy is quite good.

From the looks of it, this is a promotion that you should definitely keep an eye out on. 


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