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The GameStop Deus Ex Debacle – Prudent or Damaging Precedent?

Kotaku reports GameStop was instructing employees to open Deus Ex: Human Revolution boxes, remove OnLive codes and sell the games as new. GameStop responded by removing the Deus Ex: Human Revolution copies off of store shelves.

Aside from the questionable legality of tampering with a product and then selling it as new, as Kotaku points out, a precedent may be set by GameStop's action - and this is a precedent that gamers do not wish to hear. If GameStop makes the successful case that they removed OnLive codes from DXHR because OnLive is a competitor to their new Impulse service, then what is to stop them from removing gift time cards from Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network from their shelves? Or going into boxes and removing accessories meant to sell with a bundled console?


Even though I can see a business strategy of wanting the buyer to come to a particular place (in this case, GameStop) instead of other places (or services), this is a potentially rickety situation for everyone involved. We will update you as more information becomes available.


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