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The Goddamned Robin Confirmed For Arkham City

The unofficial rumor that The Goddamned Robin would be playable in The Goddamned Batman: Arkham City has been verified by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.  As rumored, you can only get him with a pre-order from Best Buy (Right now, but don't be the tiniest bit surprised if he turns up in a post-release DLC pack).

This will be the Tim Drake Robin, and you can see the badass version of him that will appear in the game.  No sissy elf boots, or green panties for this Boy Wonder; he looks like a worthy foe for Gotham's criminals. But if you don't like this outfit, a bonus skin of the "Red Robin" character comes along too.  

Robin will have his own weapons, gadgets and special moves, so he won't be just a reskin of Batman.  He's not playable in the main game, as previously suspected, but he will be playable in the challenge maps in the game, as well as two additional challenge maps that you can only get with the Best Buy pre-order content.  These special maps are "Freight Train Escape" and "Black Mask Hideout".

Other retailers are offering unique challenge maps with pre-orders but so far Robin is the only playable character revealed as a retailer-specific bonus.  Batman Arkham City comes out this fall.  Stick with us for more about it as details emerge.


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