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The Goon #34 – Review

Finally the issue every Goon fan has been waiting for: The Goon vs Twi... Ah, Sparkly Vampires! That’s right Eric Powell pits the Goon against one of the few horror creatures he’s never faced the Tween Vampire. This issue is definitely a one-shot story that doesn’t take itself serious in the least bit and really shows the artistic talent of Powell more than anything else.

The opening pages have the Goon stumble upon the Sparkly Vamps as they’re about to play a game of baseball. The Goon is instantly annoyed by the group of Vamps and decides to kick the shit out of them, but not before they supe up with extra glitter and jazz hands. It doesn’t matter though as the Goon begins his holy beat down on the Vamps. This continues for a bit before the fourth wall is broken and the Goon explains to the audience that these jokes could go on all day, but really where’s the fun in that?

The story breaks off onto another path about a tween girl that is dropped off at the McGreg Home for Illegitimate Wayward, and Possibly Homicidal Youth. As strange as the kids are of this home, this new girl raises questions with them instantly. As night fall hits the tween transforms into something worse than a Sparkly Vamp… a tween fan of Sparkly Vamps! Not really she turns into a monster and tries to eat the kids. The kids leave Dog in charge of sitting atop of the hole in the floor she’s nested herself into while they go and get the Goon to help. Too bad the Canners have just won their first football game and the Goon is now very drunk!

The Goon #34 Cover
This story is hilarious and full of satire. The Sparkly Vamp fight isn’t even the funniest part of the story as the drunken Goon really takes the cake. Eric Powell does a great job of knowing when enough is enough and really pushes through both tales at a perfect pace. The great thing about the issue is that you don’t need to be a long time reader of the series to enjoy the issue. This one shot may not give you all the info you need to enjoy the Goon in future issues, but it will familiarize you with the style of storytelling and the characters so that you can leap into the next issue. It’s a must read issue for anyone that’s been waiting for a great parody of that unmentioned tween vampire romance series and if you could care less, it’s still very funny and a great read.

Overall Score – 9.0/10



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