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The Guide To Make Better Of You In Call of Duty: Rifles


My god… Call of Duty Black Ops is coming out soon and yet no one has yet to prepare you for the one thing that you’ll probably find most frustrating about the game… the multiplayer. Don’t be modest; if you think your pretty f’ing awesome at the game, think again as you are probably either just lucky, or you’re just shitting out the right answers every time you enter a lobby. There are several basics I’m going to run by you in this little guide I decided to do for the upcoming Black Ops game, and I will take you around and about with the basics of how to be better at Call of Duty in general. Follow these simple rules and you actually may live to see to getting that UAV. This first part is a general overview of the game…

Before I even start, I have to run the basics over with you on how to play the game… left sticks to move, right sticks to aim… etc, I’m tired so I’m not going to explain all of that to you. I mean, honestly… I ain’t no tutor, I’m just here to make you better—not to have you learn everything from scratch, that’ll be silly. After you get all that done and out of the way, you must decide what guns you want to use… here are the basic designs you have to keep in mind when you pick your classes and set them up for later.


Now these come in different shapes and different sizes, considering what you are trying to perform on the battlefield. There is sheer power at expense of recoil, frankly the Tar-21 rifle and the AK-47 rifles (to an extent to the Scar-H). Now many people just use them because they got a couple kills here and there with them and believe them to be superior to other rifles—it’s a common occurrence to see a couple home-boys from NYC bitching and moaning about how I was cheating and how the Tar-21 should’ve beat me at the distance across Wasteland. Every rifle is better than the other in some respect, this decision must be brought down to limitations and how every rifle interacts with the player…

Auto-rifles are have a couple classes… accurate yet weak, powerful yet with blind-sidingly bad recoil, middle of the roads and rifles that are both weak and wildly inaccurate but compensate with a high firing rate—now there are tons of rifles, but I will give you the load down on the basics of each class. I’m not your bloody teacher, if I was… well, I don’t have anything witty to say after that, so instead I will say one—hey, a penguin. Let’s talk about the most common rifle to be found in Team Deathmatch, the accurate yet weak weapons of the game—the most common being the M4A1 and ACR rifles… the only ones ever really used that often in the game.

Both these rifles are very accurate over ranges of many yards, and as a result you don’t want to meet either of these rifles if you’re fighting a ranged war—they can counter snipe if they really wanted to, but I assume you’re a bum so disregard that comment. Both the rifles are similar, except one has more recoil and a higher firing rate than the other. Now when deciding what rifle you want to use, you have to consider two situations… what level you are on, and what type of fight you’ll find yourself predominately in most of the game (at the beginning, you’ll have to guess). The M4 has a higher firing rate, has a higher tolerance rate for different styles and different attachments, it’s the jack of all trades type of rifle many people turn to if they can’t find a rifle to best suit the job. It can do anything and everything exceptionally well—it can’t eat babies, so don’t be a smart ass here… but when it comes to accuracy, give it up to the ACR.

The ACR also has a fairly high tolerance rate for attachments and perks, but the weak rounds make it that you won’t be choosing this as a stealth class anytime as often as you would being the M4—it takes five shots to take a man down without stopping power, four with, and top that with the fact that it has a fairly low firing rate compared to the M4. It won’t stand up much of a chance indoors or in urban combat where the combat will be fast and fluid. But with that being said, you can base-rape, eat babies, stomp on a man’s good snake and talk to Jesus with this bad-boy on open ranges where most of your foes are positioned off course—it’ll beat the M4 in a long range battle, but will have a higher chance of losing at medium to close range. Pick your battles wisely, and your rifles just as well—be ahead of the pack and follow those suits.

Lets now talk about the powerful yet inaccurate rifles of the game, namely the Tar-21 and the AK-47. Both these rifles are superb and are superb for one reason and one reason only… firing rate and hellish power that could only be unlocked by that dude in Star Trek—you know, the one with the funny looking ear? The pale one, or whatever. These rifles are good only in close to medium ranged fights and will not be considered effective against targets yards away from your own dude. These rifles are better suited to indoor and urban combat and should be avoided when on outdoor levels such as Afghan or Wasteland due to the high recoil.

The Tar-21 is a very strong rifle with great handling and decent tolerances that will accept most of everything for perks and attachments—though I strongly thing against putting anything but stopping power on this rifle or it will lose the one characteristic you’ll like about this weapon, the power. The recoil is easier to use then that of the AK-47 because it’s very predictable and easy to compensate for when on full auto—that or burst firing. It’ll always fling back into you and can be used to counter-snipe in hardcore modes because of the power (in hardcore, you don’t need stopping power to be effective, for one shot kills). The only interesting thing about this rifle is the red dot sight, which is considered peculiar by many. It’s the MARS sight standard to its real-life counterpart—but while very good, considerably accurate and does reduce the recoil at range… the small reticule and the thick outer-frame of the sight makes it looked down on when compared the holographic. It glares in the sun of the game, so many just use it to get the holographic when they unlock it… keep in mind though, it boils down the preference.

The AK-47 is a weird weapon as it can be very crude when testing for recoil. It’s just as strong in every aspect of the Tar-21, but the difference lies in how it handles it’s recoil. It tends to flare up at a certain point and tends to stay at that one point till you let go of the trigger. Burst fire is essential when it comes to this rifle and if you don’t get the handle of milking the trigger (burst firing on autos), you will find yourself short of another powerful, versatile weapon that could theoretically (big words, wow :D) beat the ACR at range. The only problem with this weapon is that the red dot sight, while makes it easy to aim, will decrease minimum damage at range. It take at least five rounds to kill a man with the sight, so it’s best to keep to the crude iron sight—this is an assault weapon, not meant for ranged combat, so run in like a mad-man if you need to… Sylvester Stallone would be proud—restrain yourself from using this weapon on outdoor maps as it will come up short against M4’s.

Now let’s talk about the odd ball rifles… the Scar-H and the F2000. Both these rifles are considered odd as they blur lines in-between each weapon set—and weapon characteristics. First off, the Scar-H—perhaps the most powerful weapon of the game due to the great mix of power and accuracy of all weapons to come before it, this is the weapon that would be offspringed if the M4 and the ACR had a baby… then mean-while, the Tar-21 and the AK-47 meet at this little seedy hotel to discuss their marital issues, then have angry pity sex with one another. Then ten years time, those two kids met and had intercourse (Pineapple Express, I know :D) the Scar-H is what would come back out fighting.

This is a jack of all trades weapon that will serve you well on any map I could think of as it has power, and accuracy all in one—though a jack of all trades, it’s still weak compared to the parent models that birthed it. The Scar-H has less recoil than the Tar-21, controllable and still able to make shots from across the map with little to no loss in ammo… but the ACR will beat it down at range. The Scar-H has the accuracy to take snipers down at range, but the visual recoil will throw you off when pin-point accuracy is wanted, so you will find yourself short when up against an M4. The Scar-H has power, but suffers with a lower firing rate, so you will die at close range—so all in all it adds up to a very average powerful rifle that can be used by anyone, and everyone… though it isn’t a special weapon—it’s tolerances are great for all attachments and styles, it does exceedingly well as a stealth rifle with cold-blood and silencers.

The last odd-ball rifle is the F2000… arguably the worst rifle in the game as complained about by most. But after I used it, it’s all a matter of perspective—it’s a hate it or love it rifle, nothing more as such. This rifle is so astoundingly uncontrollable, that the first three shots have you in the air in seconds… this isn’t for new-players to use, even experienced players less they are running and gunning with stopping power. High firing rate and low damage make it better suited to room clearances with steady aim. So in other words, this rifle is much better at closer ranges where firing rate and power will trump accuracy. Tolerance ratings are fairly high, but the two most common perks added to this rifle is silencers and grenade launchers… for obvious reasons. This gun is only to be used in urban settings, never ever outside… trust me, I’m super cereal… I didn’t have anything witty to say, that’s how serious I am!


These are jarring rifles that will admittedly screw you up the first time you go ahead and use them… this is assuming that you are new to these two rifles, assuming you are the type of person that prefers a ton of rounds on target than just sips of tea to quench your thirst. These two rifles are legendary in power, but are looked down upon by supposed “pro’s” and players alike for their power and accuracy at ranges where a sniper should prevail. Both of the two, the FAMAS and the M16 are similar in scope… but both of them have subtle differences that will give you a very slim choice on which one you will take to the battlefield with you.

Let’s start out with the first rifle you ever get your hands on in the game… the FAMAS. It’s a very strong weapon like the M16 was back in the first Modern Warfare. It has a three round burst like the M16… it kills in one burst, has low recoil, it has high accuracy, and can be shot fairly fast if you have a quick trigger to work with. So what’s the big difference? Look at the stats… low damage and a higher firing rate. Assuming all three bullets connect with your target, it will put him down in one burst… but doesn’t the M16 do that to? I’ll get to that in a moment. The FAMAS can accept any attachment and any perk, but stopping works best for a perk two as the burst is weak enough as it is. Sleight of hand and Scavenger helps for ammo consumption and long reload times compared the M16, and the ACOG can be fairly helpful out in open world maps where the extra range helps.

The M16 is a fantastic rifle which in Modern Warfare 2 has been nerfed incrementally to be fair along with the FAMAS—they’re identical rifles with only a couple differences which makes them useful in differing aspects, depending on what you believe to be a better suit in what map you play on. It’s a very strong rifle with characteristics similar to the FAMAS in every respect, both accuracy and characteristically, however the FAMAS at range has better damage output then that of the M16—the M16 loses power at range when making far shots, requiring 1-2 more burst to put a man down, and the FAMAS has lower recoil than the M16 when they both have red dot sights. If with a holographic however, the M16 gets an added bonus in recoil reduction, making it a truly fearful gun a range, even a closer ranges if you’re ready. This rifle is great in all levels except in levels such as Invasions as there will be considerable indoor combat, giving you no significant advantage at range. This rifle is very affiliated with stopping power, but still a strong suit with other perks if you so choose—use the Holographic to give yourself an advantage at long range.

In the end, both rifles are the same… but its best to say that the FAMAS is just a stop gap for the burst rifles as the M16 is the best and most common burst rifle in the entire game. Three shots per pull of the trigger, the M16 will almost always come out on top with low recoil and very power shot per bullet. It’s higher tolerance for attachments is also an added bonus, so keep it in mind when you unlock both and are trying to figure out what rifle to use.


The last gun for this segment is something of a mystical legend and a fairly uncommon rifle out in Call of Duty when compared to the guns I mentioned above (not the F2000, that’s the most uncommon rifle in the entire game). It’s like a burst rifle… but much more powerful, yet much slower firing rate wise, firing at the rate of which you pull the trigger. It’s incredibly strong, and very accurate with very high tolerance ratings for almost any perk to go with it. It can live without stopping power as it is already very powerful and can accept a white array of attachments for anything you could ever want. Many consider this to the ideal stealth rifle of choice as it can take cold-blood and still be incredibly effective at any range against any assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc.

The only problem with this powerful rifle is two things… close range effectiveness and sighting problems. It’s a single shot rifle and can only be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger… well if a man comes at you with a shotgun, or a bloody UMP45, you’re boned. I mean, you will be base-raped, bat-shit, raged-quit if someone comes flying at you, at speed with commando on with a knife… or a man with an AA-12 comes spraying room after room—you’re sitting there all hot and bothered… then BAM! Feel my pimp hand. This problem can be alleviated by not camping, not masterbati—sorry about that one, not waiting indoors, and carrying a shotgun at all times with you… that or a claymore, whatever comes first. The other problem is in regards with the red dot sight of the gun… off center. When it comes to this rifle, it can be very difficult to sight your target… and if you have this rifle, keep in mind that the red dot sight is off center and to hit your target, you have to aim the bottom right of the dot itself.

Like the M16, equipping a holographic sight on the rifle gives it a significant advantage at range… three shots without stopping power will take a man down and keep him down. The holographic sight solves the off center red-dot sight issue, but also raises the minimum damage range to forty… this makes this rifle deadly at range against almost anything, so keep that in mind when you say to yourself… “I ain’t going to use that red-dot sight because of what he just said about it earlier…” and that hereby concludes the guide on rifles for this feature… stay tuned in next week for an edition dealing with… SUB-MACHINE GUNS!


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