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“The Hunger Games” Gets Four Movies

If you’ve been on any movie website within the past several weeks, then you’ve definitely seen some of the (seemingly endless) casting updates for The Hunger Games, based on the first of Suzanne Collins’ three novels in the popular series.

Even though it’s a trilogy, Lionsgate plans to make the three books into four films according to Deadline Hollywood. It’s unknown which book will become two films, but given the upcoming finales to Harry Potter and Twilight, it’s very likely that the final book, Mockingjay, will be getting that treatment.

Joe Drake, who serves as COO for Lionsgate, stated that The Hunger Games is the studio’s highest seller at Cannes, so it’s obvious that Lionsgate is betting a whole lot on this franchise. Splitting up one of the books feels more like a desperate money grab than anything else; unfortunately, it’s a business strategy that’ll probably work to the franchise’s benefit. 

How do you feel about the popular trilogy getting an additional movie?


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