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‘The Impossible Game’ Coming to PS Store

The video below will clue in anyone that is not familiar with this demonic little title that appears deceptively simple. Odds are you might have even skipped reading this to watch that video and are now reading it thinking “that doesn’t look so hard,” which is what many think upon first seeing the game played.

The Impossible Game came out in 2009 and brought frustration to anyone that played it. It's very simple to understand; you control an orange square and simply have to jump over, under or on top of black squares to get to the end of the level. It's easier said than done as a simple mistake will put you right back to the start of the level. This version also includes a practice mode and an exclusive new level for its release tomorrow. You will also net 25% off if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber so there’s really no reason to not check this out. Unless of course you’re not a masochist with a dozen controllers and TVs to spare.


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