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The Impossible Game Review

One would think a virtually unbeatable game would be overwhelmingly frustrating, but The Impossible Game is quite the opposite. The concept is simple; you’re an orange square whose only objective is to jump over black squares, all the while avoiding spikes. The game progresses you under its own power, so all you have to do is press A to avoid the obstacles. Simple right? One would think so, but it wouldn’t be called “The Impossible Game” if it wasn’t easier said than done.

To give you an idea, you’re rewarded an achievement for trying to beat the game 999 times in a row. What other game could get a person to persist even after 999 failures? Although the ultimate (and improbable) destination is the finish line, you’re rewarded along the way with an intense techno soundtrack, brilliantly placed to keep you addicted and hungry for more. The further you are able to progress through the game, the more layers the soundtrack adds on top of itself to keep you juiced.

Big things come in small packages, and The Impossible Game is no exception. The gameplay is incredibly simple, easy to pick up, and the rewards are tremendous both in achievement points and more importantly, bragging rights! If you’re still on the fence, the mere 80 Microsoft point price tag should erase any doubt. Find a use for that pocket change and take on the impossible! 


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