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The Indie Games Summer Uprising Rolls on with SpeedRunner HD

The Indie Games Summer Uprising is rapidly drawing to a close with only 3 more days remaining, but it's not over yet.  The featured game for the 2nd Tuesday of the event is SpeedRunner HD, an adaptation of the fast-paced platformer that released in flash format on the web in June 2011.  

DoubleDutch Games' very own Chameleon engine is responsible for bringing the game from flash over to the Xbox 360.  Based out of Utrecht (Netherlands), DoubleDutch brought on a variety of Dutch talent (shocker!) to help develop the game for the 360, including Frank Post (Killzone), Gerrit Willemse (Fairytale Fights, Xbox360/PS3 and EyePet, PS3), and award-winning composer Jonathan vd Wijngaarden (Fairytale Fights, Xbox360/PS3, Adam’s Venture 1 & 2, PC).  

The Xbox 360 version of SpeedRunner HD features an additional heart-racing multiplayer mode, hi-definition graphics, and more of the intense platforming levels that fans of the flash version enjoy.  Players use a variety of tools to aid in their escape from the Mad Bomber, the game's villain.  It has a story-driven single player mode in which the player can expect to be sufficiently challenged by the relentless platforming, but the new additional multiplayer mode is what will provide the lasting value.  Feel free to bring along up to 3 friends for a speedrunning spectacle that rewards punishing your opponents with grappling hooks, homing missiles, and remote bombs in your quest for the fastest time and highest score.  

SpeedRunner HD is available in the Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Game Marketplace for 240 Microsoft points ($3), and more info is available 
here at the Indie Games Summer Uprising page.  Keep checking back for the rest of the Uprising which concludes Friday, September 2nd.


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