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The Infinite #1 – Review

Time travel is one of the few tropes I doubt I'll ever feel is overused. With any story that needs that extra something, whether it's new or running its course, if you throw some time travel in there then suddenly there's something entirely new. Remember how if Marty McFly interacted with his older self, a paradox would rip a hole in the universe? Well, luckily that isn't the case with The Infinite, where a sour protagonist teams up with his younger self in order to fight the good fight. This is something I have really never seen before. Way too often are time travel storylines chained under the tyrannical rule of time paradoxes.

infinite covThe writing is the strongest part of this issue. From the basic concept to the dialogue, Rob Kirkman has something worth reading here. There is one problem, though, that sometimes travel stories can fall victim to, and that's loss of focus. The setting is switched from past to future a lot here, and if that can ease up over the next few issues (and it looks like it's heading that way) it would benefit the series in the long run.

Rob Liefeld handles the art for the opening issue, and it's fine. It isn't amazing, and it isn't terrible, but it certainly didn't pop for me. The character design for the baddy of the issue, Imperius, was just kind of meh. The action was done well, though, even if the characters themselves didn't look their best.

Overall I thought this was a really great start for the series, even if the art wasn't my thing. The action was certainly there, and Kirkman's writing had a nice pace to it. I do wish it didn't jump around as much as it did, but this comic definitely comes with a recommendation for those who like time travel arcs, or maybe those that wish they could team up with their younger selves. Think of a time traveling Lethal Weapon, but instead of Riggs and Murtough, it's Riggs and Riggs. If that sounds interesting (and how could it not?), you should definitely grab this one.



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