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The Killing Renewed

The Killing has been renewed for a second season. News of the renewal of the show – based on the Danish show Forbrydelsen (literally translated as "The Crime") – comes just one week shy of its season finale on AMC. Whilst the viewing figures for the murder mystery have averaged only around a third of the titanous zombie-apocalypse thriller The Walking Dead which premiered last year on the network they, along with widespread critical acclaim, are evidently more than enough to see a second year for the show. 

The first season of The Killing for those of you that have had your eyes and/or ears closed recently centers around the homicide of a young girl: Rosie Larsen. Each episode deals with the ensuing police investigation of her murder, as well as the lives of the grieving family and potential suspects. Given that the finale is no doubt set to reveal the killer, and that the original show had a new case for each of its two aired seasons (and planned third season in 2012), the second season will more than likely not struggle to keep the audience engaged. 

For those that have lived blissfully unaware of the newly renewed show, the season finale is set to air June 19th on AMC (although it would probably be a good idea to go back and watch the rest of the season first!).


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