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The Last Guardian’s Latest Retail Rumors

The Last Guardian recently has had mysterious retail leaks regarding the game's release. According to a major Portugal retailer (FNAC), the highly anticipated game now has a release date set for this year. This was also the site that leaked the Gran Turismo 5 launch estimate that was correct. Plus it is likely the game will be shown at E3 next week. 

The Last Guardian has had a painstaking development process with the director Fumito Ueda, director behind the masterpieces of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, leaving as well as the producer. Let us hope for gamers worldwide that The Last Guardian reaches the light of day, but most importantly that it will be worth the wait, and development process. Because if Team Ico's past experiences show, it's that they create true works of timeless interactive art (Ico hasn't aged 'that' well however). Team Ico fans, are you excited, are you pumped, or would you rather see the game not released at all because of insurmountable expectations? Let us know in the comments below.


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