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The Last of Us DLC Announcement This Week

Wondering when you will be stepping foot back in the bleak apocalyptic world of The Last of Us? Well news of DLC is expected sometime this week. Fans have been clamoring for more content since release after the game was received so highly and it seems it is coming sooner rather than later.

Creative Director Neil Druckmann tweeted “Ok party people, more #TheLastofUs DLC info to be revealed THIS WEEK! Hang tight.” So now you know. So what could this content be? We have already had the free update to multiplayer in the form of the new mode Interrogation so could it perhaps be new single player? The season pass includes 1 piece of Single Player DLC and 2 pieces of multiplayer DLC so even if it isn't the next to be released expect them to at least talk about what this might be.

Of course this will be the hardest part to finish so it’s more likely to be getting more MP maps to whet our appetite until the more anticipated content is ready to go. Either way we'll know more very soon.


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