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The latest info on the Sims 3: Supernatural

Taking cues from the popular film Twilight and Teen Wolf, The Sims 3 team have recently announced the new addition: The Sims 3 Supernatural. The Supernatural edition will introduce the werewolf fantasy to the beloved EA franchise. What does it mean to suffer from lycanthropy in The Sims 3? How does a franchise like this handle the violence associated with being a Werewolf? To clarify, I have found all the latest details for your benefit, gathered from EA, as well as John Leslie; a producer on the upcoming expansion.



The biggest thing that the team wants to change in the new expansion pack is the difficulty of becoming a werewolf. For those of you who played the earlier games will know how hard it was to achieve. “In Sims 2 you had to figure out how to find the pack leader and get him to bite you, but now -- right from the get go-- you'll be able to create a wolf in Create a Sim,” noted Leslie, “not only can you control what the human form looks like, but you can toggle back and forth between so you can fully customize what your Sim will look like when he transforms.” You can change everything you want to on your Sim, fur style and color, as well as give the character specific hairstyles for when they change. The werewolves in Supernatural aren’t the scary creatures you’re used to seeing in horror films. They look a lot more human than you will be accustomed to, much like they do in the new Teen Wolf TV series.


Lycanthropy-cursed sims, as you may have guessed, have to watch out when it comes to their relationships. Whenever a full moon rises, transformation occurs. However, it can also happen at inopportune times like when your Sims mood gets low. Unlike the full moon transformation, however, the mood-based change lasts for tunable duration, which you can affect if you build up your Lycanthropy skill. In addition, werewolves can transform at will, much like you can in Skyrim, and doing so enables you to bounce back to your human form whenever you choose. Be aware though, when a Sim transforms back into its human form, it will be disorientated, and transforming can also play havoc with your hunger meter.

Disorientation sounds bad right? Well compared to what your werewolf might do if he’s in the company of others, this is fairly tame. Whether you choose to play in the new Moonlight Falls town, or add your werewolf to your existing town, you won’t ever have to worry about them going mental and attacking their friends, or the entire neighborhood. “In pre-production we had a tendency to go a little too dark,” said Leslie, but “it's probably darker than...what's been done in The Sims before.”  So while your Sims will not destroy your other Sim families, they may cause fear in other Sims, destroy things, or even randomly kiss others.



The Sims 3 team wants to encourage players to create a werewolf, and therefore, players who do choose to create one will gain perks. Building up your skill in Lycanthropy will give your player benefits, such as rare collectibles when you’re hunting as a wolf, and a decreased loss of various things like Energy and Bladder meters, whether you are or aren’t transformed. Werewolves will also live longer than human players, have bonuses to their athletic skill, and can eat raw meats and fatigue longer.


Being a solitary werewolf can be lonely, but you can spread the disease around. Your children have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the gene if you mate with a human. You could also build a relationship up with a Sim, and then convert them with a bite. Gaining enough happiness and Lifetime experience means you can purchase an Alpha Wolf reward. This gives you a terrifying howl, and also the ability to bite anyone, and never be rejected. Your werewolf can also interact with other Sims who don’t want to convert. “You can become a protector, as you would in, say, True Blood” said Leslie, which means your character makes sure the human is saved by the vampires that also roam the streets in Supernatural.


If you are looking for a new fantasy life to live, the Sims 3 Supernatural might be the outlet you’ve been looking for. If you are interested in what you have learnt aout werewolves, you can make one for yourself when the game releases this September.



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