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The Latest Next Xbox Rumors and Speculation

Another week goes by and even more next gen rumors are here for us to go through. As always take everything as rumor and speculation until Microsoft comes out with something official, today we heard even more about what to expect in the next Xbox, so let’s take a look at the most interesting parts.

Probably most disconcerning is that the new Kinect sensor will come with every Xbox and will be required to be plugged in and switched on for the Xbox to work. This would surely anger many fans who don’t care about Kinect being forced to have the Kinect on even if they don’t ever intend to use it. The reasoning behind this is quite odd and surely you should only need it when playing a Kinect game so we will have to wait and see on that one.

Next up is that all games must be installed to your system. Seeing that games are getting bigger and hard drives more readily available I can see this being true. If every Xbox comes with a 500GB hard drive and it helps the performance of the games, then I can’t see why this would be a problem for anyone. I already install every game I play on my Xbox anyway so nothing will change for me.

Also rumored is the ability to play multiple games or apps at the same time without completely closing each application. Just like with a smart phone you can close one and open another then go back to where you were. This would give you the ability to pause your game of Halo 5, check your Twitter feed, watch a video on YouTube and then jump straight back in to shooting Grunts. This seems like an obvious inclusion and would be welcomed by everyone I’m sure.

So that is the most worthwile rumors to appear recently. Apart from the weird Kinect which needs to always be on they all seem like features that could easily be implented on the next Xbox. I’m sure we won’t have to guess for much longer, with Sony almost guaranteed to announce their new console next week, expect Microsoft to start talking next gen very soon.


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