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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Trailers Show Off Upgradable Items

Nintendo has released not one but two new trailers on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and I have to admit, this seems like Nintendo is really stepping it up.

The first of the new trailers focuses on the gameplay. Here we see how Link takes advantage of the items on hand to tackle the dungeons. As they stated before, you can tackle most of the dungeons in your own order, but you need to make sure you have the right item for the job. These items can be rented out from Ravio’s shop, and can be bought for permanent use and now we know that they can be upgraded. The trailer shows the bow being upgraded to launch three arrows at once versus one.

Other items include staples like bombs and some returning ones; like the flame wand than can burn plants and enemies, and the frost wand that summons ice to freeze lava and damage foes. Link’s sword also shoots waves when at full health, just like in older 2D Zeldas.

The second trailer shows off some new tunes in A Link Between Worlds. Like other Zeldas in the past, important characters have their own catchy theme. We've seen it with Medli, Midna, Saria and of course Zelda, but now three new characters earn a theme. The princess of Lorule Hilda, the shop owner Ravio and the evil sorceress Yuga all have their own song composed with a lute and recorder, which seem to be inspired by bards of renaissance times.

Nintendo also confirmed the Zelda Nintendo 3DS XL for North America, which will release the same time as the game on November 22nd. A Link Between Worlds will be pre-loaded with the system and will retail for $219.99.

Also in Zelda news, Nintendo will be airing an all-new Zelda cartoon for the 3DS’ Nintendo Video in what seems to be a new push for the oft-ignored service. This new series is based on Wind Waker HD will showcase Link in a more humorous light, though I bet it won’t be like the 80s cartoon. Link will be accompanied by a Pikmin documentary using gameplay from Pikmin 3 as well as Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat - cartoons from Adventure Time’s creator (and avid 3DS fan) Pendleton Ward via Cartoon Hangover.


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