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The Legion of Super-Heros #1

The Legion of Super-Heroes have has one of the biggest followings in the DCU. Now for the 6th time DC will re-launch the Legion of Super-Heroes. It comes off the heels of Geoff Johns' recent run with the Legion in Action Comics and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

Somewhere in the 31st Century Arctic, Earth-Man is being drained of his power after being charged with crimes against Aliens. Earth-Man convinced Earth to break away from the Planet Federation because they wouldn’t let him join the Legion. Before that, Earth-Man gets an offer to join the Legion from the same “Big Government”. Now the Legion has a new unwanted member that they are forced to babysit. Under the Legion's watch Earth-Man gets yet another choice in the form of Dyogene, an emissary of the Guardians who recruits Green Lanterns. Meanwhile Saturn Girl is on Titan for a telepathic look back through her life, but just then energies from the Time Institute shakes the planet. Now she must choose to save the planet or her kids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/legion-of-superheroes-1.jpg

The magic with the Legion of the Super-Heroes is that it takes place in the 31st century where ANYTHING is possible. The stories that could be told are endless, but it continues to fail. This is because it continues to try and tie into the present DC time-line. This just creates questions more than anything else. For starters, Sodam Yat resides on Oa where he is still the last Green Lantern. What? Wasn't that resolved after Final Crisis? What about Blackest Night? What happened to all the other color Corps? Which time-line is this taking place in? None of these questions get answered or addressed.

Perhaps Paul Levitz (Adventure Comics) is the real problem. The biggest story issue is that Legion number 1 doesn't act like a first issue should. It just starts without any regard to the readers. The Legion is shoved in your face one after the other with zero introductions other than their names and abilities. Long time fans of the group will have no problem picking up with the story, but it isolates new readers almost blatantly by giving them nowhere to start. It reads like fan service, at the highest level. The one and only redeemable factor is the amazing cover by Yildiray Cinar (Teen Titians) and Wayne Faucher (War of the Supermen). They took the only interesting part of the book and made something to get your attention. Unfortunately it's not enough to save this book. With this being the sixth time DC has launched this series hopes are high that things get better before it turns into a seventh.


Story - 3.5

Plot – 1.0

Art – 6.0

Overall – 3.5



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