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The Li’l Depressed Boy #3 – Review

After the wonderfully unique and humorous Li’l Depressed Boy #2 we find this issue of LDB has a bit of a sour note – but still manages to strike a fairly nice note with me all the same.  After finally discovering the name of his dream girl, Li’l Depressed Boy must go through more torture after his loss of style bowling.  After this torture comes the most horrible punishment imaginable – shopping!  LDB must help organize and attend Jazmin’s party and try not to get lost in a crowd full of hipsters. The Li'l Depressed Boy #3 CoverS. Steven Struble brings us back into his world; a world full of loveable characters that can really make you laugh.  LDB and Jazmin still have the same chemistry they had in Li’l Depressed Boy #2, probably one of the best relationships I have ever seen in comics. The characters are all very relatable and feel like people you would be friends with in real life, making it all the more noticeable that LDB’s best friend was absent in this issue, leaving just the dialogue between LDB and Jazmin – more than enough to fulfill your needs in this issue, but he was noticeably missed all the same.  If you could not already tell from my incessant boasting about how great the chemistry is between the characters and how relatable all the characters are then you can probably tell the characters are the strongest point in the Li’l Depressed Boy series that keeps me coming back for more.  Neglect the cast of loveable characters, however and this issue runs into a ton of problems worse than the last issue’s. While the last issue of Li’l Depressed Boy was filled with easily recognizable jokes every fan-boy knows and loves, this issue lacks the amount of humor created by the second issue.  Some jokes I could not fully grasp because they took a more music related turn which I could blame on myself,  but since Li’l Depressed Boy previously focused on more game-oriented jokes readers may be scratching their heads during the “funny parts” of this issue rather than busting out in laughter – but the issue still makes me smile. There is definitely more going on with the story but also several pages that fail to tell any story at all.  The first page is just a series of pictures with LDB listening to music, moving the story nowhere.  The end of the issue has the same problems but the panels are cluttered with song lyrics that I could care less about unless I could really hear the song instead of just reading it.  If this was an attempt to showcase the art it is a tactic Struble should avoid since Sina Grace’s art is nothing to write about but does manage to show some improvement. The emotions on characters’ faces are sometimes absent when they could be used to further the humorous story.  When employed in this fashion Grace does a great job, especially with Jazmin.  Her various expressions are fun to look at and perfectly match the feeling behind her words – when Grace decides to take the time and portray these emotions.  Mostly she misses some great opportunities when she can exaggerate LDB’s facial expressions more and make the scene hilarious.  Grace also gives the backgrounds a little more attention but keeps the main focus on the characters, and since there are many more characters in this issue than the last Grace’s art seems to have improved because there’s more to look at… and LDB is always the cutest thing to look at! The story has some minor problems and the pages could have been put to better use, but the characters are still what makes the issue in the LDB series and Struble knows how to write the perfect collection of characters.  The art could still use some work too but definitely shows promise.  Hopefully the lack of understandable humor will be fixed in the next issue of LDB – I know I’ll be sticking around to read it! Overall Score – 7.5  


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