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The Li’l Depressed Boy #4 Review

While the previous issues of The Li’l Depressed Boy had wit and charm, this issue brings not only that but an emotional ending that makes me want to cry for LDB and thank Sina Grace for finally giving his true talent over to this issue art wise.  This time LDB has to help the girl of his dreams clean her apartment after her birthday party was interrupted by the cops.  Later when LDB shows up to her apartment again her roommate Jet tags along for a quick bite to eat and later a battle of epic proportions: laser tag.

From Image, S. Steven Struble's The Li'l Depressed Boy #4The Li’l Depressed Boy series started out strong and continues to propel forward in this issue written by S. Steven Struble.  Humor abounds with subtle comic book jokes ranging in subject from Deadman to Madman and the whole hysterical scene of laser tag.  The characters felt real throughout the issue and LDB is probably one of the most likeable characters you could ever meet through the panels of a comic book.  This issue also takes the time the other issue lacked to quickly, but fully show Jet’s character and makes him into another well-developed character. 

The story again lacks much of a plot like the second issue and pretty much no conflicts arise (unless you count beating teenagers in a laser tag battle ‘conflict’).  But the ending of this issue solidified it as my favorite issue so far in the series.  No spoilers here but the ending is a surprisingly emotional one for a comic that seems so light-hearted most of the time and reminds you just how heartbreaking life can be.  It does affect my opinion of everyone around LDB, but it does show how much LDB has been able to affect me.

What surprised me even more than the story reaching its highest peak was the artwork hitting its highest peak too.  Before, many of the one paged scenes of panels with no dialogue failed to evoke much emotion from me and the art seemed too simplistic for my taste.  But this issue shows just how powerful art without words can be.  The art still lacks detail, but detail is not needed with only the beginning seeming to lack the emotions felt throughout the rest of the comic like the pages from the last issue.  The ending really showed off Sina Grace’s abilities to bring out emotion in his art and the colors (or lack of seeing as some were almost pitch black) were very effective.

The entire issue feels like the playful and heartbreaking realities of life, brought forth by both the art and the story.  It is not complex and it does not need to be with a roster of great characters and witty remarks fans of the comic genre will appreciate, though they may lose audiences unfamiliar with comic books or people looking for comics about superheroes.  The "normal" reality-based characters’ journeys are still timeless and can be related to by many people.  This issue is definitely the best Li’l Depressed Boy issue and I look forward to seeing what S. Steven Struble and Sina Grace come up with next.

Overall – 9.5/10
*Outstanding - A top tier title that shouldn't be missed. All the kids are talking about it and they want more!*

One page spray painting panel from The Li'l Depressed Boy #4Check out the preview for this issue as well!

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