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The Man Named Deadman!

 With Boston Brand being the main star of Brightest Day, have you ever wanted to know more about this ghost of a hero named Deadman? Well now’s your chance to get to know the acrobatic hero who has helped more people in his life as a ghost, than alive!

Deadman was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Carmine Infantino in mid October of 1967. The character first appeared in the 205th issue of Strange Adventures. Boston Brand operated under the acrobatic name, the sensational Deadman, while as a human working at Haley’s Circus. Before the events of Crisis On Infinite Earth’s, Boston Brand wasn’t a jerk like he is portrayed in modern times. When Boston was killed by a man named The Hook, his final words were "Gee... from up here the guy with a hook for a hand actually looks like he has a gun!” And with those final words, Boston Brand was dead. The only reason Boston Brand became Deadman is because a being named Rama-Kushna wanted Boston to get his justice against the man who had murdered him.

Deadman - Strange Tales

Through various challenges and adventures, Deadman has worked with many people in time. During one adventure, Rama-Kushna got enough power to maintain a small city called Nanda Parbat. This city would only house the most evil villains that Rama would choose to place in it. While in this city they would be overpowered by Rama and act as safe sane people. During those events, Boston’s brother, Cleaveland Brand, was performing the dangerous acrobatic task of carrying on his brother’s legacy. However, while being possessed by Boston, the Hook, also took Cleaveland’s life. This was exactly before the events of Crisis on Infinite Earth’s!

After the heroes teamed up with one another to defeat the Anti-Monitor in Crisis On Infinite Earth’s only a few Earth’s remained, however most heroes/villains stories were re-created for the newer generation of readers. In 1989, DC Comics created the story called Invasion! Boston played a big role in the second issue of this series by controlling a commanding officer and making him assassinate the alien alliance leaders. There were only three issues and the story was short lived. During the Day of Judgment story arc, Boston Brand and a newly formed Sentinels of Magic go to hell to restore some order down there. Which eventually leads him into two confrontations with this kind of group.

Through time with zombies flaring up in Blackest Night, Boston Brand is being haunted by visions of the dead rising. In Blackest Night #2, Boston is trying to prevent his body from rising from the dead and terrorizing normal citizen’s. However, Boston can’t prevent this and joins Dick Grayson (who is Batman at the time) at defeating old villains trying to get their revenge. It is explained that if Deadman possess Black Lanterns, it causes his body damage and ultimately will kill him! So as he soon finishes helping Dick Grayson and Tim Drake conquer their enemies, he later is seen with the Phantom Stranger. When protecting the spiritual barrier of Nanda Parbat against Black Lanterns he gets overwhelmed by one and eventually draws into combat with Phantom Stranger. After getting the Black Lantern ring off of his finger he is told about how people possessed by Black Rings will soon end up dead themselves. Deadman wanted to tell Hal Jordan about the Black Lanterns, but he was a little too late because Hal and the other heroes were finishing Nekkron once and for all! During this last fight Deadman and eleven other characters rise as normal humans in Blackest Night #8.

Now that you know whom the amazing Deadman is check out his current adventures in Brightest Day! He's no longer a ghost now he’s got a different mission in life as a White Lantern!
Deadman - White Lantern


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