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The Many Loves Of Commander Shepard

It’s Valentine’s Day again, but this year we all know what we’re really excited about...The release of Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 demo! Who needs crummy love songs and romantic meals for two when you can sit in, get your geek on and sample one of the most anticipated games of 2012.  So in light of this, here are some of the many loves of Commander Shepard.

In both Mass Effect games so far, Commander Shepard has the choice to pursue a romantic relationship with several crew members. Players who didn’t choose to pursue a relationship in the second game, but did in the first, will notice a photo of their significant other in Shepard’s quarters.  For characters such as Liara T’Soni and Kaiden Alenko, you have a chance to reminisce with them later on.

 In both games, each character will give you a different story line when romanced. These can be hot, sexy dialogues, or soppy romantic ones. The type of character you choose will result in a different outcome.

For instance, Garrus has a tough exterior and won’t hesitate to shoot things, but when romanced, he is really shy and doesn’t know how to act around female Shepard. He acts coyly, and when you try to flirt with him, replies awkwardly, meaning that when you come towards the end of the romance, it’s all very soppy and romantic.

Miranda, being the tough chick who has always taken care of herself, she is happy to accept your sexual advances as Male Shepard, resulting what can only be described as...steamy. A lot of people will argue that Jack’s romantic quest line in Mass Effect 2 was the most emotionally involved, as she is on the verge of tears when discussing her ex-boyfriend.


Another interesting concept in the first game was the love triangle you could be involved in, between Ashley/Kaiden and Liara. Liara, being a teenage, scientist Asari, is fascinated by how human relationships work, meaning she is intrigued by you, and ends up falling for you, though you can try to pursue two romantic relationships involving both Liara, and one of the human players (if you’re female Shepard you can romance Liara too). This is what results in the awkward love triangle, where they eventually give you an ultimatum. This then means deeply hurting someone’s feelings, creating tension aboard your ship. 

 I cannot wait to see what Bioware do with the character line-up in Mass Effect 3. Who will make a return? Will there be any new romances? At least this February 14th we can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style by playing the new demo.


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