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The Mercenary Sea, a New Adventure From Image Comics

A new action/adventure comic book series set in the tumultuous build up to WWII is coming to Image Comics in February. The Mercenary Sea will be packed with spies, pirates, and soldiers as Captain Jack Harper leads his crew towards the payday of a lifetime whilst trying to steer clear of greedy treasure hunters and warring nations.

It’s a genre made famous first in adventure novels and then in film.  The creative team, made up of Kel Symons and Mathew Reynolds, cited Howard Hawks as their greatest inspiration for this work.  Specifically, Symons is interested in the late filmmaker’s exploration of “desperate men in far-flung places, away from any support or help, where they’re forced to rely on themselves or fail.”


The Mercenary Sea will follow a group of hired mercenaries who tread to these “far-flung places” aboard their German Sub, the Venture.  Described as “unique” and with checkered pasts, the crew promises some good drama and plenty of conflict.  In the end, however, they’re a group heroes you can stand behind, and their alleged strong moral compasses should be a bright light in what were some dark and dreary days.

And it’s no surprise The Mercenary Sea was inspired by the silver screen, as Kel Symons began his career writing and producing within film and television.  Recently, he transitioned to comics with his series I Love Trouble.  Mathew Reynolds is the artist for Marlow, and he’s got the chops to put this marine adventure to the page.

The Mercenary Sea #1 will be available for purchase on February 12th, 2014.  To place a preorder, use the Diamond Code: DEC130492


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